Charter and freight transport, minibuses and taxis - Jyväskylä

Tilausliikenne Paajanen is a third-generation transportation company operating in the field of charter traffic and taxi services. The company is located in near the Jyväskylä Tikkakoski airport, which is in the vicinity of Jyväskylä. 

The taxi services are available around the clock for local transportation. 

Minibus and charter traffic

We organize trips in Finland and out from Finland. Through Transport Hannes Paajanen a charter transport can be arranged for a larger group of people. For smaller groups we offer our minibus services for vacational or conference purposes. From our new line of vehicles we are able to arrange transports for group sizes of a total of 1-16 people.

Freight, express delivery and courier services

Transport Hannes Paajanen services are primarily charter and taxi services but if necessary, we also handle cargo operations at competitive prices.  We also offer express delivery an courier services. We never miss a schedule! 24/7!

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